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Environmental Engineering Services

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Enviromental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Remedial Investigations
  • IEPA Site Remediation Program
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • UST Management Services
  • Environmental Compliance and Litigation Assistance
  • Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Waste Minimization
  • Air
  • Air Quality Modeling & Health Risk Assessments
  • SiteSafety & Health Plans
  • Spill Prevention Countermeasure & Control Plans

Indoor Air Quality Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Mold Investigations
  • "Sick Building Syndrome" Investigations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Microbial Studies (including Remediation Design & Contractor Oversight)
  • Health Effects Evaluations
  • Ventilation Studies
  • Compliant Investigations
  • Building Material Review
  • Intended Occupancy Review

Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Safety and Health Program Development
  • Comprehensive OSHA Plant Surveys
  • Air, Noise and Radiation Monitoring
  • MSDS Preparation
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • OSHA Compliance Monitoring
  • Worker Exposure Monitoring
  • Ecological Services - Wetlands, stream, lake and prairie


Occupational Safety Services

  • Mercury Inspection Surveys
  • Written Safety and Health Program Development
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Hazard Communication Programs & Training
  • Health Hazard Recognition Surveys
  • Asbestos Worker Training Program
  • Lead Worker Training Program
  • Hearing Conservation Programs & Training
  • Comprehensive Medical Programs
  • OSHA Compliance Audits
  • Laboratory Safety & Chemical Hygiene Plans

Asbestos & Lead Services

  • Inspection Surveys
  • 3-year AHERA Reinspections
  • Management Plans
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plans
  • Construction Management
  • Project Design Specifications
  • Review & Selection of Contractor
  • Abatement Contracting
  • Project Management/Supervision
  • On-Site Air Sampling and Analysis
  • OSHA Personal Exposure Monitoring
  • Risk Assessments
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Hazard Communication Programs
  • Public Awareness Seminars & Programs
  • Fit-Testing
  • Direct Access to Laboratory Services

Occupational Health Services

  • Medical Examinations - OSHA Compliance
  • Health Risk Appraisals and Analyses
  • Diagnosis of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses
  • Board-Certified Independent Medical Examiners (IME) & Record Reviews
  • FMLA Clarification Program
  • Toxicological and Epidemiological Consulting
  • Medical Program Auditing
  • Blood Testing
  • Drug Screening DOT/NIDA/SAMSHA
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Flu Shots
  • International Travel Immunizations
  • Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Assistance
An Aviation company retained Carnow Conibear to perform an inspection and feasibility study as part of obtaining Title V air permits.
Carnow Conibear was contracted to provide Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Geotechnical services at the site located at a proposed Student Services Development and Parking Facility in Chicago, Illinois from February through March in 2007.

Regulatory, Legal and Financial Ramifications

Chemicals pervade school environments and are commonplace from elementary and high schools to colleges, universities and research facilities.

Carnow Conibear was retained by Chicago 2016 to conduct hazardous material, asbestos, and lead surveys and to prepare remediation cost estimates, development plans and specifications for the redevelopment of the former 36-acre Michael Reese Hospital Campus.

Carnow Conibear performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in accordance with the protocols of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E1527. The Phase I ESA was performed to determine whether any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) exist at the site and whether RECs present a potential threat to human health, environment, or redevelopment of the site.

CCA provided fit testing for seven (7) Advocate Hospitals located in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 

Carnow Conibear provided comprehensive construction and environmental oversight services for one of the largest renovation and mold abatement projects in a high school in the United States.