Safety Management Program

Carnow Conibear and Associates, Ltd. (Carnow Conibear) has a robust safety management program. The bedrock of that program is employee involvement. The professional scientist and engineers in the field use a jobsite hazard analysis (JSA) tracking software created by Sara Tamez and Daniel Binns under the supervision of Doug McCormick. This past year Carnow Conibear’s management team has focused on refining our use of the JSA, to that end, I am pleased to announce that our 2020 Carnow Conibear Safety Champions below are recognized for their consistent commitment to completion or participation in JSAs: 

Marcos Iwankiw
Chad Adams
Kenyetta Daniels
Dean Pfolsgrof
Ciniata Hester
Ken Karuhn
Brock Mette
Vince Baratta
Robert DeBord
Anthony Rodriguez
James Hawes
Kristen Kiluk