Illinois Ranked No. 1 in LEED-Certified Projects in 2013

March 21, 2014- The US Green Building Council (USGBC) announced that Illinois had the most LEED-certified buildings in 2013.

In its annual ranking of states, the top 10 states added 1,777 commercial and institutional projects - 226.8 million square feet of real estate, reported the USGBC.
Illinois was followed by Maryland at No. 2, then Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York and California tied for No. 5. The state of Oregon ranked No. 6.

USGBC rates states based on LEED-certified buildings per capita. Illinois' 171 projects represent 2.29 square feet of LEED space per resident, and 29 million certified square feet total. As was last year, the trend is toward certification for renovations of existing buildings rather than new construction.

"As the economy recovers, green buildings continue to provide for jobs at every professional level and skill set from carpenters to architects," says Rick Fedrizzi, CEO of USGBC. 

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