Heading Off Hygiene Horrors

January 30, 2014- When sub zero temps freeze pipes and they then start to thaw and you soon discover a leak, you might have missed the opportunity to be proactive.

If you are in an industrial setting be careful that you do not exacerbate the problem by tearing into asbestos insulation or lead paint unknowingly when trying to locate and repair a leak to prevent a mold outbreak when the area warms.

Ask your staff today if any older, or perhaps unused parts of your building have the heat shut off or down to a degree that will have you regretting the dollars you attempted to save for the head aches you may encounter. Perhaps due to seasonal work you have an area of your workspace being unused and it needs to be inspected for such an occurrence.

Do you have an Asbestos and Lead Paint Survey completed so you don't worsen your potential flood situation with an environmental problem as well?

Contact Carnow Conibear & Assoc., Ltd. in regards to getting a survey done so you can prevent a double problem in your buildings.  

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